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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interview strat

A good interview has questions, but not just any questions questions that dig deep, go under the surface if you will. Asking a question that has a simple yes or no answer is an atrocious question and should be shot in the back of the head. A good question will test the interview and make them actually think. I was watching an interview on the Grantland channel on YouTube and the interviewee, Jalen Rose, was saying that college athletes should be paid, so then the interviewer, Jacoby Jones, asked if Jalen believed this should be the policy for all college sports not just basketball and football. Jalen recovered that one nicely saying that yes he believed that all the athletes should get paid. Jacoby then went deeper asking what a smaller college should do and Jalen said that they should pay the athletes as much as the college can afford. I don't know I just found this to be an engaging interview because Jacoby kept digging deeper to get all the information, but he also didn't but the topic to death which is also very important.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Opening moment 1 I chose this article to be honest because it was like the first thing that popped up, however after reading it I found I had a lot to think on. For example it made me think of all the recent gun shootings recently and how as a society we can let this happen again and again. I also thought the article was very well written because it had all the facts you would need but it was certainly not a duo article.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Journalism for the common man

Journalism looks like a well written article or an informative news show. There is defiantly really bad journalism like Skip Bayless or National Enquire but at least it gives you a good laugh. I see journalism whenever I open the mail box, turn on the tv and watch some sports center, or on like NFL or There's a channel on Youtube called the Grantland channel and I follow that and ESPN as news source and from those I'd have to say Jalen Rose is both my favorite journalist and analyzer.   I'm interested in journalism right now because I want to do it as a career and I just like being able to find out information. I like the interviewing process because you get to meet new people and learn about them or even talk to people you know and learn more about them. In journalism class I want to learn how to interview people and to write a succinct article.