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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Running Rap

It's almost ironic that Macklemore should come up when talking about white privilege because he has a song off of one of his earlier albums that is called "White Privilege." In that song he does discuss how it's different for a white rapper coming up. When he was getting started he didn't have to deal wi the same struggles as the black rappers did and he essentially pays tribute to that in that song. So I think if he's recognizing it it's probably a real thing and I do think it is continuing. I think that Macklemore through out the course of the year was more popular with the masses and I think that's because more people were willing to listen to him. Now I don't think it only had to do with him being white but I do believe that that did play a part. I honestly think it was okay for him to apologize to Kendrick. Although admittedly I have only l listened to Macklemore's album so I really have no way of comparing the two. I mean honestly Macklemore's only human so he may have made a mistake but I truly believe that if he did he meant no offense by it and in their typical way the media blew the story up. I also believe that Macklemore has listened to Kendrick's album and did in fact enjoy it and he was just trying to pay respect.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Reflection piece

Dear reader, As a writer I feel like this year has been pretty easy. I've struggled with my grammar like always and not procrastinating so much but overall I think I've succeed just about everywhere. I chose the two pieces I had because I thought they were my best work. I thought they captured my humor well and were very polished. I also thought that they were two of the best pieces I'd written all year and so I wanted to include them. The personality profile was a pretty simple process I just interviewed Michael Hoffer via email and then told his story. My college essay was a bit more challenging because after all I sent it away to a couple of colleges so I wanted it to be perfect. It's a very polished copy but I also think it captures me and who I am and that was defiantly a long process. Like for example I had to write at least four different essays before choosing that one and even when I did chose it I had to cut out quite a bit of it and almost restart it. In the end though it came out pretty well in my humble opinion. I think I achieved many of my goals that I had. I've feel like I've become a stronger writer and am more able to incorporate my voice and my humor into my pieces. I think this came about just simply from practicing and continuing to work on my craft. I'm still working on my grammar and spelling and also not putting off my work. And this I think is something that will just come with practice and I'll actually start doing my papers earlier so I can get them done and have a chance to read through them. I guess for me my final hopes are to just continue writing and keep working on improving myself. I wanna try and add mor humor into my pieces especially the ones that are the boring and analytical pieces and I also want to become better at journalism. By that I mean I want to become stronger in interviews and get better at making interview questions. I also want to write more succinctly and learn how to chose my words carefully. I'd also like to know what it's like to go out into the field and do actually reasearch. All in all though I feel like I had a successful semester and can't wait for the next one to start and then end so I can get out of here and move on to bigger and better things. Sincerely, Adam Brobst

College essay piece

I've played on many sports teams in my life. I dabbled in basketball when I was younger but that didn't go far due to my ability to be as graceful as a walrus flopping around on rocks. Freeport is also a huge soccer town so virtually everyone played soccer in elementary school, and, again being the graceful kid that I am, I was stuck in the goal to pick grass. Then there was baseball where every ball was hurled like a meteor, destined to kill me. During this time however I tried one sport that I came to love. I was in third grade when I was first introduced to swimming and with encouragement from my parents I decided to try it out. When I was younger new things scared me, so going and swimming with a bunch of strangers was a daunting task. However, my best friend was swimming as well and that gave me the comfort to dive in, so to speak. I remember my first year of swimming and my major goal really was to try and not drown. To this day I would have to say that is still one of my major goals. The appealing thing about swimming is that not only am I competing against others, but I’m also competing against myself. Since swimming is a time based sport, finishing last in a heat doesn’t mean you didn't do well. I wasn't always the fastest, but I always worked hard to improve. Swimming was a sport where I could actually see my improvement each meet. I could just take the times from the last place ribbons, set them side by side, taking comfort in the fact that I had at least dropped time. The season was also a long one lasting 6 months. It could really take a toll on a body. But I never gave up, I couldn’t give up. I knew that each time I swam I had to get better or at least try. Believe me there were times when it was hard, but I couldn’t disappoint my friends who were counting on me to score points that would help our team win, but I also couldn’t disappoint myself. I’d worked too hard not to have anything to show for it. Swimming was not just about me though. My teammates played a huge role in both my development as a swimmer but also as a person. They went from being strangers to some of the closest friends I have ever known. I knew I could count on them for anything, and I know they felt the same. This and my drive to get better is why I believe my teammates chose me as captain. Not that I’m bragging or anything because I mean nobody would ever want to do that in a college essay. I also remember times when all the other teams around ours would be in little cliques but we always had our team in one big circle because we enjoyed hanging out together. We would also always go to the other end of the lane when one of our teammates was swimming so we could cheer them on. In the end swimming has one goal. It is to get from point A to point A as quickly as possible and to many this is tedious, to many this is difficult, but to me this was my comfort zone. I knew that in the pool I could be me. My friends would never judge me, and all I had to do was push myself a little more in order to get better. I knew I wouldn’t be an Olympian, but that didn’t stop me from trying .Whenever I feel that wet tile under my feet and smell that chlorine as it burns my nose I feel at peace and know I can do anything.

Personality profile

Going into this interview I didn't know Michael Hoffer and he didn't know me. To be honest I was terrified to contact him, cold calling isn't really my strong suit because I always feel like I'm bothering the person. Going into this I had that very same mindset. I figured Mr. Hoffer would just brush me off as some annoying little high schooler, however my mindset changed the minute he said, "And please call me Michael. Mr. Hoffer makes me feel old." Michael turned out to be one of the nicest people I've met and was more than willing to help me out, so I just wanted to take a moment and thank him. Michael was born in Arizona and lived there for most of his early life. Growing up he played both basketball and baseball, although in his own words he was "an average athlete, not a great one" yet he had drive and always wanted to win and perform at his best. Growing up Michael had all sorts of sports idols and a whole array of favorite sports teams. He routed for the Phenoix Suns because they were the local team, but he was also a life long fan of the Unversity of Kentucky's basketball team. For baseball he liked both the San Fransico Gaints because they weren't the LA Dodgers, which was everyone else favorite team, but he also liked the Milwuakee Brewers because his grandparents lived there and he used to go to a lot of the games. For football he was a Raiders fan and also a Jets fan which on looking back he says he's not very proud of. When it came time for college Michael decided to stay local going to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, which he described as a great college town. It's about an hour from the Grand Canyon and two hours from Phenoix and he graduated from there with a history major. From here he bounced around from place to place and odd job to odd job. It wasn't until he ended up in Maine working for the Forecaster that he had his first full time job and finally found something that he loved to do. I asked him if he could do it over again would he and he replyed "If I could do it over again, I wish I had known what I wanted to do when I was younger and not wasted several years of my 20s in dead-end jobs which I didn't care for. I'm very happy where I am now. There's nothing more enjoyable than covering games in this area, so I guess I wound up where I was supposed to be. Just wish I'd gotten here faster!" It should also be noted that with his geographical changes, some of Michael's alliegences changed. He became a Red Sox fan mostly because his friend was a Yankees fan but also the Yankees drove him insane and speaking of which he also gave me a list of teams he hated; Duke basketball, Notre Dame football, LA Lakers, the Jets (like I said he wasn't proud of his earlier allegiance), and the worst of all was the New York Giants because they had beaten the Patriots in two recent Super Bowls. The Patriots became his favorite team in all of sports and Tom Brady became one of his favorite sports heros, along with retired Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez. Michael told me that since a young age he was always interested in sports and would read Sports Illustrated, but it wasn't until he was thirty that he actually started his carrer in sports journalisim. He started it at the Forecaster in 1999 and worked as a free-lancer writer for two years until he became the full time sports editor. Along the side he has contributed to other writings and continually contributes to New England Lacrosse Journal. I asked him how one could break into his field and he gave me some great advice. He said that you should continually read and write, even if no one but your family is willing to read your work because it will just give you a way to practice your craft. He said that you should read because it just keeps you up to date with what's going on in the world. He also said that job-shadowing and just getting your foot in the door is a big thing and many people within in the sports journalism field are willing to help you. Through out his career Michael covered and witnessed many things. As a fan he enjoyed both the Red Sox comeback against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS game and the 1992 Duke-Kentucky East Region Men's basketball game although he wasn't too happy about Duke's victory in the end. As a writer he's covered many great high school games including many Falmouth-Yarmouth regional soccer games, a Brunswick-Portland basketball where a player named Ralph Mims scored 47 points, yet his team couldn't come up with the win. He also says that he has covered too many overtime lacrosse games to count. Even though I never actually met Michael face to face I really got a feel for who he was, and learned a lot about his job and it has helped to inspire me even further to want to go into this field. So again I would like to just extend a huge thank you to him and his kindness and willingness to help out a young but still very talented writer.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Opening moment 3 in this article it is discussed how Governor Christie, the governor of New Jersey, may have taken funds that were generated by the relief campaign for Superstorm Sandy and used them for his own political gain. I just thought this was pure evil and what is wrong with politics because so many people came together over this and yet some how a politician still managed to screw it up and ruin it.

Opening moment 2

Sooooo here's the thing my article a) didn't have an easily accessible link and b) I kinda forgot I didn't post it on here till right now. Anyways I do remember it was about the Miami dolphins lineman, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, and the bullying scandal that came out of that whole thing. I remember when I first read about it I thought how foolish it was for grown men to bully each other, or for that matter how that could even happen but as the story developed it really got more complex and intriguing.