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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pixar Perfect

Pixar is something that never grows old. Everything they do they do it to perfection. Even at the age of 18 their movies are still some of the best I've ever seen. Wether it be the Incredibles or Toy Story (number 3 made me cry) they always seem to hit the nail right on the head. So it only makes sense that they'd do it again with this little short. I remember watching it as a small child right before the start of Bugs Life and laughing as the old man battled himself back and forth, and never has an old man faking a heart attack been so funny. I laughed then and I laughed now. Now that may say something about me as a person, that the same thing that made me laugh at five make me laugh now, but it is also a testament to the hilarity of this movie. The movie starts off with an old man setting up a chess game for himself. He then slowly goes from chair to chair, but as the action ramps up closer and closer to the climax, so does the speed in which the old man switches chairs. Pretty soon the line is blurred and the viewer almost believes that there are two players playing. The back and forth continues, until the old man fakes a heart attack which concerns his "opponent" and so while the "opponent" is checking to see if he is okay the old man switches the board and subsequently wins the game and the ultimate prize, dentures, which he pops in and continues laughing to himself at his cleverness. What works really well here is the back and forth between the "two players" providing entertainment as we watch the man battle his "opponent", not only is it humorous but it also makes you wonder why he's playing by himself and how long he's been doing it. The nice added touch too is the fact the old man removes and puts back on his glasses when he switches between people. This helps the viewer identify who's who and shows that the old man is making a conscious decision to switch, which most likely means he isn't crazy. The heart attack scene adds a lot because you almost believe that there are two people involved in the game and you forget that it's some old man switching chairs until it finally pans out and you see him laughing to himself at the end. The ending though is something I had a little bit of beef with just because I thought there could be more, but it is a short and I'm just nitpicky. Overall this movie out does quite a few full length movies because it has a plot and very interesting characters and it's full of action and humor. Pixar again knocks it out of the park.

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